All prices displayed on the site are inclusive of VAT

Except where expressly indicated the shipping cost is 10 € for shipments up to 50 Kg.

Shipping and Delivery

The goods always travel at the customer’s risk, even if entrusted to shippers.

Our Company will not be responsible in case of theft or even partial damage (see paragraph "damaged packages"). La spedizione delle merci verrà effettuata esclusivamente tramite corriere espresso Bartolini, DHL o SDA con consegna in Italia entro 3-4 giorni lavorativi, eccetto per Calabria, Sicilia e Sardegna per le quali potrebbero essere richiesti fino a 5 giorni lavorativi.

Margaritelli S.p.A. is not responsible for any delays attributable to the fault of the freight forwarder. Delivery delays do not give in any case right to refund.

The loss of the goods by the courier must be contested to the carrier.

The shipment will take place on average within 2 working days from receipt of payment, except warehouse.

Attempts to deliver

The courier has two delivery attempts. In case of absence after the second attempt the expenses for the third redelivery are charged to the recipient, otherwise it will be possible to pick up the package at the branch of the courier.

If the courier does not find the customer at the address provided to him for delivery, he will leave a notice of passage with instructions for any re-delivery. The package will remain in stock in the warehouses of the courier for 5 days. After this period, the package will be sent automatically to our headquarters.

The eventual additional shipment will involve the debit also of the expenses of transport of the second shipment.

How to behave when receiving the goods

When the Courier delivers the goods you must check:
1) that the package is intact, not damaged and/or open, nor wet. ;
2) that the adhesive tape is intact and not tampered with;

Each time you pick up the goods with intact packaging, you are still required to check the status of the products within two (2) days of receipt. Any anomalies found must be communicated with registered letter AR to the Courier and by e-mail to Margaritelli S.p.A. (, specifying in detail the damage suffered. Any reports after these deadlines will not be considered. It is recommended to keep all packaging, labels, delivery document and anything else you need to accelerate solution of the problem.

Damaged package

In the event that the package is not perfectly intact, you can withdraw it with reserve, by placing next to the signature the words "I ACCEPT WITH RIGHT OF RESERVE", and explaining on the delivery document the reason (for example crushed packages, missing boxes, broken cardboard etc.). Only in this way it is possible to be refunded for the damage suffered if, once the package is opened, damage or tampering with the goods is found. If instead you accept a package, even damaged, without affixing the above written, the Courier is relieved of any liability for damage occurred during transport. At the same time, Margaritelli S.p.A. considers the package correctly delivered and no compensation can be claimed.

Severely damaged package

If the package is severely damaged to the point of suggesting a safe damage of the goods contained, you have the right to refuse delivery and you must write, next to the signature, the words "REJECTED GOODS FOR DAMAGED PACKAGE"; reasons must be specified on the delivery document (example: fully open package, crushed neck, punched cardboard etc.).


If you accept the goods from the courier without any complaint and without reservations, you cannot in any way claim, at a later time, any shortages or damage to what received.