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Product specifically created for protecting and waterproofing the joints of hardwood floors with XPlus and XPlus2 smooth finishes.

Apply to brushed surfaces (NaturPlus, NaturPlus2, Naturplus2 matt and MattPlus finishes) by following the specific instructions listed below.

Professional use only.


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Sigilplus is formulated to penetrate the floor joints, leaving the short and long sides of the floorboard water-repellent. Recommended for use on all types of wood, particularly in rooms with a higher incidence of fallings or leakages of liquids. An indispensable treatment for Sycomorus Maple, Canadian Maple, Cherry, Beech and Ash wood species, which are naturally very sensitive to the effects of water and all types of liquids.

To be applied by the fitter immediately after the floor has been installed

For hardwood floors installed in kitchens and bathrooms, it is recommended that the treatment be repeated at the end of the first winter and then about every 2 years.

Direction for use

Remove any dust or any possible glue residue from the surface of the hardwood floor. More stubborn traces of dirt can be eliminated by cleaning with a soft cloth soaked with Margaritelli Puliplus (for directions on how to use Puliplus see the information sheet PM 4 – Puliplus).


Shake the container well then pour Sigilplus directly onto the floor. Distribute a generous layer of solution on a section of approximately 1,5 m in width using a paint roller
To facilitate the penetration of Sigilplus between the joints, perform the following operations in the order as listed:

  1. pass the roller over the surface repeatedly;
  2. allow the layer of Sigilplus to set on the floor’s surface for approximately 2 minutes;
  3. spread and gather the solution over the surface using a squeegee that is resistant to solvents.

Once these steps are completed transfer the excess solution onto the adjacent area to be treated, using the same squeegee.
Sigilplus acts exclusively on the joints located between the floorboards. The product that remains on the surface has no improvement effect on the floor: for this reason, thoroughly remove the solution when transferring it
Repeat the same steps on the new area to be treated.
After performing a successive series of applications with Sigilplus, for a total surface area equal to approximately 15/20 m², dry the excess solution using a soft cloth or paper towels.
To remove any small traces of dry residue that may remain after spreading the solution with the squegee, you have to buff the treated surface with a professional single-brush buffer machine fitted with a white scotch brite pad and dragging a soft cotton cloth.
If this type of buffer is not available use a domestic buffer fitted with a felt disc.
The steps listed must be repeated until the entire floor surface has been treated.
The use of Sigilplus in particularly warm and/or highly ventilated rooms will cause the product to dry quickly, thereby making it difficult to apply.
Any residue of Sigilplus that remains on the floor’s surface once the steps listed above have just been completed can be removed with a cloth lightly soaked with a small amount of the same Sigilplus or applying a small amount of Margaritelli Puliplus to a cloth and follow the instructions listed on the information sheet PM 4 - Puliplus. In this latter case, in addition to cleaning the surface, Puliplus may also remove the Sigilplus solution that has already penetrated into the joints between the floorboards. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to repeat the application of Sigilplus once this cleaning procedure has been performed.

Varnished products with brushed finishes must be treated with Sigilplus before the floorboards are installed, by applying the product directly onto the sides of the boards using a small paintbrush.
It is fully unadvisable applying the product onto installed flooring since it could fill up the pores in the wood, causing the floor to take on a whitish appearance once Sigilplus dries completely.

Sigilplus becomes completely effective after about 96 hours from when it is applied (for environments at 20°C with a relative humidity of the air of 50%). For this reason, do not clean the floor with liquids during this 96 hour period.

A 1 litre bottle of Sigilplus is generally sufficient for treating a surface area of approximately 20–30 m². If it as applied some days after installation or re-applied on existing flooring, a 1 litre bottle can cover up to 50 m².


While this product is not classified as dangerous or flammable, keep out of the reach of children. The information contained on this sheet are based on the company's research and experience. However it is intended for general purposes only since it is impossible to predict every environmental and installation variable.

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