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Product for periodical care of Listone Giordano
Oleonature hardwood flooring.
The package contains a bottle and a cloth for the application.
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Revivo Listone Giordano Natural oil-wax product for periodical care of Listone Giordano Oleonature hardwood flooring. Microfiber cloth included in the package.

For frequent use.

Directions for use

If the surface of the floor shows evident signs of wear and tear, especially in higher traffic areas, and washing with Green Listone Giordano® is no longer sufficient to restore its appearance, we recommend the use of Revivo Listone Giordano®.
Before applying it, thoroughly clean the surface of the floor using Green Listone Giordano in double dose .
Always use Revivo Listone Giordano® at temperatures above +15°C .

  • Wait until the floor is completely dry. Spread homogeneously a thin layer of Revivo Listone Giordano® pure as if to clean, using Listone Giordano microfiber cloth (or alternatively a soft lint free cotton cloth that will not leave fibre residues) underneath a long-handled floor brush or by hand in case of a small surface.
  • We recommend applying a limited quantity of Revivo Listone Giordano® because it could permeate the brushings making it difficult to remove.
  • Once the product is applied, the floor’s surface should have a slightly wet appearance.
  • After 1-2 hours, the floor is dry and you can walk upon it.

Do not wash the floor for at least 2 days. The application of Revivo Listone Giordano®, as above described, helps to homogenize the floor; no other application is therefore required.
Use this product approximately every 6 months. Revivo should be applied whenever the flooring appears dry or shows any signs of wear and tear from everyday use We recommend more frequent maintenance operations in case of average and heavy-duty traffic environments.

1 litre of product is sufficient for spreading a coat on a surface area of approximately 30 m².

Keep the product closed in its original package, in a cool place, away from freeze and UV rays.

Never use liquids containing acid or basic concentrations, such as bleach or ammonia, which could create marks/halos on the wood that would be impossible to remove.

Never wash the floor with water only: it will not efficiently clean the surface of the floor and the minerals contained in water may leave behind a residue that could affect the surface appearance of the floor.


While this product is not classified as dangerous or flammable, keep out of the reach of children. The informations contained on this sheet are based on the company's research and experience. However it is intended for general purposes only since it is impossible to predict every environmental and installation variable.

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